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The charming stories of family and community are startling in their lack the standard narrative of any story set in africa includes an empathy numbing array of horrors. Child soldiers wielding machetes and ak47s, famine, rape, aids, corruption, slavery. For the residents of yopougon, everyday life is good. Family and friends gather at aya s house every evening to watch the countrys first. An unpretentious and gently humorous story of an africa we rarely seespirited, hopeful, and resilient aya won the 2006 award for best first album at the angouleme international comics festival.

Librarything is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Life in yop city, marguerite abouet and cement oubrerie weave various subplots that center round aya. After ending her studies before graduation, abouet pursued a career in writing. Download and read books by marguerite abouet in pdf, epub, mobi formats for iphone, mac and ipad. Marguerite abouet born 1971 is an ivorian writer of bandes dessinees, best known for her graphic novel series aya. Abouet, marguerite, oubrerie, clement, dascher, helge. Aya tells the story of the studious and clearsighted young woman, her easygoing friends adjuoa and bintou, and.

Clement oubreries warm colors and energetic, playful lines connect expressively with marguerite abouet s vibrant writing. Aya chronicles the the lives of three postadolescent girls in abidjan the capital city in 1978. It is the story of the studious and clearsighted nineteenyearold aya, her easygoing friends adjoua and bintou, and their meddling relatives and neighbors. Aya is loosely based upon marguerite abouets youth in yop city. She grew up during a time of great prosperity in the ivory coast. At twelve years old abouet and her brother were sent to paris, france to study and reside with their maternal greatuncle. Marguerite abouets series aya consciously bucks this trend. The titular aya is an endearingly levelheaded nineteenyearold who. Resourceful aya yopougon french marguerite abouet ebook. Marguerite abouet author of aya of yop city 2008 at. At the age of twelve, she was sent with her older brother to study in france under the care of a great uncle. She, unlike any of her friends, is a serious student who studies hard in the hope of doing well enough to get into medical. Dag dascher the original cast of characters from the original book aya is back in full force, with a case of questionable paternity fanning the flames of activity in the community.

Abouet was born in 1971 in abidjan, cote divoire, and at. She lives in romainville, a suburb of paris, where she works as a legal assistant and writes novels she has yet to show to publishers. Its a wryly funny, breezy account of the simple pleasures and private troubles of everyday life in yop city. Marguerite abouet s series aya consciously bucks this trend.

Aya is loosely based upon marguerite abouet s youth in yop city. Aya, aged 19, is the oldest of a large family living in the workingclass suburb of abidjan on the ivory coast. Using the postcolonial theory, the paper argues that the epistemology. Family and friends gather at ayas house every evening to watch the countrys first. At present, she lives romainville, paris, with her spouse. Abouet had tried to write novels for young people, but she gave up in frustration with what she perceived to be the constraints put on the genre by. Ivory coast, its a golden time, and the nation, tooan oasis of affluence and stability in west africaseems fueled by something wondrous. This aya book is telling about thats what i wanted to show in aya. It is the early 1970s, a golden time work is plentiful, hospitals are clean and well equipped, and school is obligatory. Marguerite abouet is an african cartoonist born at abidjan, ivory coast in 1971. The students primary motivation for engaging in this research project was to contribute to the existing body of knowledge on the analysis of comics particularly those of africa. Pdf nationalism has become a contested construct because scholars doubt its ideological authenticity and global migratory consciousness, which. Nationalism and african communal identity in marguerite. Marguerite abouet was born in abidjan, ivory coast, in 1971.

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